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Welcome to the Other-Worldly Informer Archives

This community was made for the members of the Legion of the Chopsticks and the dictators/rulers/usurpers/people who are, simultaneously, avid readers of the Other Worldly Informer. We (Demigoddess Extraordinaire N.M.K. and Empress of Pluto Jamie E.) will keep all of you up-to-date with the latest issues of the Other Worldly Informer.

Please feel free to submit your own coverages on the most recent (or historic) events on our multiple universes. We would also love to hear your comments (how many times have I said this before?), so please don't be a lurker (*cough*ANDREW*cough*).
Hmm, we honestly have no rules, but I would like to avoid major (illegible) chat speak. Also, don't bash people, spam, etc.

Although, we cannot ensure you of your safety (because you're in very unstable hands) and we also cannot assure you that we won't steal your soap; we can assure that you can read the newest released issues of your beloved newsletter in this community.

Have an awesome time as you (please, please, please) read, post, and comment in towi_towi . : DD